Digital design agency for fast-moving companies pushing boundaries in their industry and building what's next.

We’ve worked on 100+ cases worldwide and actively collaborate with Clients on design and development of their digital services, brand and products.


Our flexible branding framework provides your team with assets and guides for effective, expressive and humane brand visuals and communication. We help to create an operational brand platform to build on.


Our projects range from simple landing pages to complex global sites. We’re experts in WordPress, various headless CMS solutions and a wide range of integrations and systems that a modern digital ecosystem relies on.


We have over 10+ years of experience building both simple and complex e-commerce solutions. We specialize in Woocommerce and Shopify.


We provide strategy, UX and UI design for applications, whether native, browser, or mobile. We can help with prototypes or longer-term product development and management.


Extended design and product team for new startups. We provide best practices and experience from multiple funded startups and corporate ventures.


Need to be challenged on your strategy? We may have the perfect sparring partner for you, whether it’s design, website, technology, or digital marketing.

Our forte is combining design and brand thinking with digital development. All of our team members work seamlessly in both code and design.

Design and business go hand in hand, so we approach everything with an entrepreneurial spirit. We help identify the most significant impact we can create within your budget and timeframe.

Over a decade of learning and experience from dozens of corporations and startups. Our frameworks, components, architecture, and best practices will help you to save time and effort. We go from 0 to 1 fast.


Client Studio is a digital design agency led by Nikolas Holm, who has spent over a decade working with leading brands and high-growth startups. Our team also includes creative frontend and backend developers and digital designers.

”When launching new ventures, Client has been trusted partner always delivering excellent quality and bringing brands alive, no matter if the venture is in B2C or B2B space. We can warmly recommend Client’s services to companies that need high-quality branding and website services and advisory with straightforward service approach”

Olli Sirkiä
Founding partner, Trado VC

"It is not an understatement to say Client Studio is my favorite agency and I’ve worked with many in both SEA, Helsinki and London. They are the only agency who consistently provide us with smart and beautifully designed prototypes and websites on time and without all that hassle."

Eetu Raudas
CEO of StyleDoubler