Design of Code

We’re an independent creative studio working at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology. Trusted by over 100+ Finnish and international companies to design, build and deliver digital projects.

What we do

Brands, Products and Businesses for the digital age. With a culture of entrepreneurship, design, and innovation, we build brand-first digital experiences and digital-first brands.


We work with businesses all over the world to bring new and established brands into the digital age with a digital-first approach.


We’re first and foremost a team of designers and developers working seamlessly together for bespoke websites and web technologies. 

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We help new startups and ventures to build out their brands, products and services.


We design and prototype digital products and services. We often collaborate with external agencies and developer network in complex app development projects.

What we believe in

What guides us and our projects


Trust makes a good partnerships. We always remain transparent and honest. Sometimes brutally honest. But hey we’re Finns after all.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. To design is to simplify.


We’re driven by entrepreneurial spirit. We always will try to find the quickest way to create the largest impact.

On brand

No generic shit. Brand and users first. 

Code is design

We are designers who think in code. The more the skills overlap, the more gets shipped.

Partnership or project

We’re fine with one-off projects. And as a Client, you check in when you need us again. But we’re also happy to embark on a longer journey together to discover, try and learn together what works. 

Selected Clients

  • S-Ryhmä
  • Radio Helsinki
  • Beamhill
  • City of Helsinki
  • Momentin Group
  • Koolmat
  • Teknologiateollisuus
  • Servaali
  • Georos
  • KPMG
  • Qentinel
  • Noll Nordic
  • Oura
  • PYN Fund
  • Chjoko
  • JKMM
  • JOM Fund
  • Blink

Our team

We’re a highly capable team for defining, designing and building ambitious brands and digital solutions.


Design and Development Lead


Creative Developer


Backend Developer


Digital Designer

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    Colab is our sister consultancy company. It provides product strategy, validation and venture management services for new startups and corporate ventures.



    Discover some of our favorite websites and brand inspirations at the moment.