We are Helsinki based digital design company creating concepts, brands, web and platforms.


Food, Drink and Lifestyle

We believe in specialising to a niche. It creates the domain knowledge, strong network and synergy for creation of new brands, products and services. We invest our time where our passion is.


Design thinking

We inject brand values, business goals and design thinking in to every product and experience we create.


We’re digital natives

Our design and digital teams are integrated, not separated. Our designers know code, our coders know design.


Make a difference

We want to make an impact, not look the same as the next guy. Differentation is not a tactic. It’s a mindset that comes from customer understanding.


We’re focused

We’re entrepreneurs just like many of our Clients. Our time is valuable and so is yours. We don’t want to waste time or money with heavy processes, too many emails or extra meetings. We want to cut to the chase and start adding value to you since day one.


We’re brutally honest

Hey we’re Finns after all.


Good material

As in everything good work starts from great raw materials. For designers this means good brand guideline, copywriting, photos and videos.


Journey is the destination

We’re happy to work on single project but out best results come from long term partnerships. Trying, improving and learning together what works.