Why we choose WP-Engine over AWS

elokuu 2019 — Nikolas Holm

WordPress still powers most of the websites we make at the studio (and in the world) because of its agility, cost, and ability to integrate across verticals. During this year we've moved most of our hosting Clients to WP-Engine (WPE). Why?

Always on

We've experienced zero downtime on any of our sites in WPE. Sort of unheard with normal Finnish hosting companies and share hosting. WPE is powered by Google Cloud and is completely GDPR compatible.

”Faster sites through accelerated page load times with our proprietary EverCache® caching layer optimized for WordPress, high performance storage, HTTP/2 and the latest PHP 7 support. Global security, reliability, and connectivity with Google’s infrastructure and WP Engine’s software. Free CDN and global datacenters to provide a fast experience to global audiences. Availability of the latest compute-optimized instances from Google.

High uptime and resilience to unexpected failures with self-healing properties and auto-recovery.”

Quick setup

Automated operations simply make things faster to launch and cheaper to maintain as our time is not wasted on painstaking terminal operations (with AWS for example) and extra work. 

24/7 support

We're available for our Clients daily (pretty much night and day). However, when we fail WPE support can be reached 24/7. And not just sales people but technically enabled support.


A dedicated hosting environment and wordpress specialised setup ensures security and reliability. Not to mention a lot of wordpress related automation and daily backups.

Staging environment

Staging and development versions allow smoother development and running multiple copies of your website.


As simple it sounds with our non hosting Clients, updates sometimes might take up to 24-48h as we're waiting for passwords or access to your servers.

And what's the price?

Our WPE powered hosting packages start from 49€/month. We ensure care of your website including automated WordPress and plugin updates, monitoring and support.