We build digital products and the web. Become a maker.

We're looking for experienced seniors and ambitious juniors. We hire on based on talent. You choose whether full-time and part-time, freelance or team member, Helsinki office or remote.

UiX Designer

We’re looking for design thinkers with experience from mobile app prototyping, ui and optimally also frontend or animation knowhow.

Creative Frontend Developer

We offer position where you can focus on intersection between interaction and modern frontend development.

WordPress Dev

We’re looking for additions to our dev team with responsibility for building new and updating existing wp sites. 

Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for a developer to development in new ventures and digital products. We expect flexible startup mindset as well technological skills to bring scalable architectures to life. We’re open to various stacks and options but previous experience and knowledge of Python, Django, React or DevOps helps.

Growth Hacker

Be in charge of user acquisition programs and manage digital advertising campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

Open application

Passion for creating digital products and experiences? We’re always looking for talented developers and designers.

Send in your applications to: if.tn1550495085eilc@1550495085krow1550495085 or