Corporate website and brand refresh for a leading nordic BI software.

Corporate website and brand refresh for a leading nordic BI software.

We partnered with Talgraf, a Finnish BI software company based in Oulu. We helped to transform their brand identity, build a new website and refresh their product designs.

A subtle rebranding and refreshed brand identity.

The challenge for us was that they needed a subtle transformation to their brand without breaking the old identity and starting from scratch. And the old identity was facing backslash from a well-known international brand with similar logomarks.

We designed a new logomark and blurred logo concept around exposing the hidden meanings behind the numbers. It both explains the product and its core offering, but also creates an interesting digital-first identity. Besides logos, everything from typography to colors and brand images was refreshed.

New web experience, content modules and a modern WordPress infrastructure.

Old website content was directly imported but the technical architecture and visual layout were redesigned and developed. We created new content modules for more interactive subpages and landing pages. Various customer and partner areas were also added along with integrations such as Hubspot.

Custom brand website to keep different teams up to date from branding updates.

A modern brand identity is one that is constantly in flux. A flexible approach gives speed and agility for rebranding projects. It’s crucial to see how the new brand elements adapt to different use cases and environments.

Our brandkit template was used to keep up-to-date brand materials available online. We automatically push a static html site from our WordPress architecture to the Clients’ url so all materials are always up to date and quick to load from a single source.