Apps behind new business and smoother work processes.

We bring decades of experience designing and building apps for enterprise, global brands and startups. We design impeccable user experience, user-friendly interfaces, write robust code and create solutions that make a difference.

From Helsinki to Oulu and New York

We offer digital strategy, prototyping and design services in Helsinki. We have front- and backend development teams in Oulu and a project team in New York at your service. Our teams has experience from building startups, global payment systems, modern workforce management solutions, standardised mobile banking, loyalty programs and magnetic indoor positioning for companies like Nokia, Paypal, OP Bank and IndoorAtlas to name a few.

Together we’re over 30 people working on app design and development. We commit to making genuine results as a partner within your budget and timeframe. As they say “you can always trust a Finn!”.

Passionate branding and UI/UX digital designer team at your service. We design how products work, test, prototype and make sure that it feels and looks fantastic. Discovery and design phase either breaks or makes the product as iteration cost raises substantially in development. This is our job to make sure everything locks in place.

We have 20+ senior level engineers specialised in backend, mobile and web apps. Our engineering process is done with a clear vision of products phases, objectives and lifecycle.  We build apps from initial idea to finished product.

A high quality product needs sound quality assurance and testing. Great products are made with long term evaluation of metrics and data and incemental improvement of functionalities. We’re partner for long term development and support. Where necessary, we can provide technical support 24/7.


We’ve worked with global brands to ambitious small startups.

Why work with us?

Design first

Branding and good UX is in the heart of any Client project. Design, prototyping and planning saves money and defines success of a product. Our designers and developers bring great synergy to any project.

Experienced tech team

Swift, Java, MVP, AWS, Python, Django, React, RN, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, REST, SOAP, HTML5, CSS3, FLUX, BEM…  We’ve probably done it before. We’re happy to provide more detailed CV’s of our team.

Startup mentality

We think big ideas that are still grounded in reality and execution. We provide senior level talent that does not waste time or resources but start delivering since day one.

Key people


Creative director and the visionary head of design.


Operations and key clients worldwide.


All things technology and the head of the development team.




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