We build native and hybrid apps for web and mobile.

We bring decades of experience in designing and building apps for global brands and startups.


We innovate and validate ideas with design thinking and prototypes. Our process ensures product success and clear handoff to developers


We are team of 20+ senior level engineers specialised in backend, mobile and web app development in Helsinki and Oulu. Our engineering process is done with a clear vision of products phases, objectives and lifecycle. We also provide sound quality assurance and testing.


Great products are made with long term evaluation of metrics and incremental improvement. We’re partner for raising your apps in to grown up businesses.

We combined digital design and branding knowledge of Client team with our northern counterpart Finlabs, a software and app development company from Oulu. Together we’re working on new projects for Clients in Finland and North America.

Product design

Branding and good UX is in the heart of any Client project. Our designers and developers work together for solid product plans, prototypes and clean user experiences.


Swift, Java, MVP, AWS, Python, Django, React, RN, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, REST, SOAP, HTML5, CSS3, FLUX, BEM…  We’ve probably done it before.

Startup mentality

We think big ideas that are still grounded in reality and execution. We provide senior level talent that does not waste time or resources but start delivering since day one.

Ongoing partnership

Developing digital products is long term partnership. It’s wiser choose people you enjoy spending time with.

Let’s turn ideas in to reality.

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