Partnering up with Viisi Tähteä Media


From start-ups to large brands, we’ve been evolving ideas in food, hospitality and lifestyle at Client in to brands, digital experiences and products. Today we’re announcing partnership together with leading creators behind Finnish food scene; Viisi Tähteä. We're excited to welcome 70+ years of experience in food and culture in our content creation network and under same roof. These gentlemen will bring deep insights into branding projects, story telling and additions to our creative content network and services to our Clients.

“We focus on creating meaningful content and telling the stories, processes and experiences behind the brands and their creators.”

Viisi Tähteä originated as a magazine, founded by Heikki Kähkönen and Eeropekka Rislakki (pictured), and has developed in to independent local online media outlet for professionals and culinarists in the city. Client will also be responsible of a new type of online media launching very soon.